Sea Freight Company

Warehouse Rent & Sea Freight Services

VentHill Sdn. Bhd. is established in year 2002. We have started our business as a sea freight company with our main service to customers in the sea freight and transportation. Through the years of development in our business, we have expanded our services to the areas of warehousing and distribution in order to cater more of our quality services to customers in meeting their requirements.

Customers are able to enjoy our quality services of warehouse rent in a cost effective manner. We assure that our employees are trained and dedicated in their field of expertise and therefore bringing efficient services of sea freight, warehousing and distribution to our valued customers.

Venthill Sdn Bhd answers to all your warehouse storage needs. Since our company’s established in year 2002, we are specializing in providing sea freight services to our customers. Through the expansion of our business, Venthill has begun providing warehouse storage facilities and warehouse rental with the aim to fulfil more of the market demands.

Our commitment in providing top class quality services to our customers has enabled us to improve our company’s facilities and employees’ services. We are continuously upgrading and improving our warehouse facilities to the most up to date technologies as to convey a better service level for customers who engaged in our services.

We understand the importance of having a full fledge of services that complement to our company’s sea freight as well as warehousing and storage services. Therefore, we have adopted numerous supporting facilities at our warehouse aiming to serve and assist our customers efficiently to their storage with us.